Atop the mountains the wind stings your face
So high in the peaks their tips brush outer space
Turn upwards and onwards towards the great peak
With every crevasse now, the rock seems to speak

The great, howling, storm cries
Where Earth meets the skies
Up here in  thin air the Goddess resides
Where the ghosts of the dead and their memories abide

You can hear them, forever, forever they teach
Don’t be afraid, then to stride out and reach
Touch now the stars for they are so near
Search for the Goddess, for you she can hear

Reach across time, as the centuries fade
For here in the mountains no dream is decayed
Listen to the oceans, and mountains beseech
Don’t be afraid to strike out
And reach


About Solaris

My name's Nigel - I'm a child of the 1960s - with a head full of moon landings, fab gear, science fiction, prog-rock concept albums and various other clutter, I use this space to empty some of it out into the Universe.
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